Bon YurtBenefits of daily consumption of yogurt for children

Benefits of daily consumption of yogurt for children

For these reasons, Bon Yurt is the most versatile snack for children.

Yogurt is an essential food for the family, so keeping a few Bon Yurts in your fridge is  always a good idea. Its positive benefits are ideal for everyone, especially for children and teenagers who need special care during their growth stages.

Why is Bon Yurt the best team player for your kids?Easier to digest than milk.

1. Easier to digest than milk.

Bon Yurt contains much less lactose than milk while providing the same quality proteins. calcium, vitamin B12, and phosphorus.

2. Improves functioning of bacterial flora

Bon Yurt allows a child’s body to assimilate nutrients efficiently from other foods in their daily diet.

3. Activates a child’s defense system

Naturally increases the response of antibodies against diseases.

4. Provides boosts of energy

Bon Yurt regulates the absorption of nutrients thanks to the functioning of probiotic bacteria in the intestine.

5. Increases a child’s physical fitness

Bon Yurt has the right amount of calcium to help kids develop strong and healthier bones.

6. Complements other foods

Can be added to breakfast, eaten as a dessert or enjoyed as an accompaniment to other meals during the day.

For these reasons, Bon Yurt is the most versatile snack for children. It combines excellent probiotic benefits with the taste and crunch of the coolest and most delicious toppings,  making it the most practical and highly nutritious choice for your little ones.


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