Although Santiago is only nine years old, this small boy already has a big dream: to become Number 1 in professional soccer. Santiago’s mother believes the best way to support her son in achieving his goals and fulfilling dreams is to provide food to increase energy and motivation and to always be ready to transport him to games. But beyond that, she says what matters the most is always being there for him.

About soccer

By the time he was six, he began his formal training at a soccer academy. And it was at the academy during a training session that he discovered he wanted to become a midfielder, a key position that directs the rhythm of the game. Santiago admires Cristiano Ronaldo for his skills dominating the ball on the pitch, and he trains every day to become as good as this superstar.

Q: What do you like most about soccer?
A: What I like the most is that it is fun and I can play with my friends. It is not a rough game. Our coach teaches us fair play, strategy, and respect.

Q: What does the passion for soccer mean to you?
A: Passion is wanting to reach the top. Passion is loving the game, enjoying it, and feeling that it makes you happy when you watch it and when you play it. I´m proud of being in this soccer academy.

About preparation

Q: How do you prepare to be a great soccer player? What is your training program?
A: I train every day and do different physical activities like jumping and running. I have to watch what I eat; I have to choose food to increase energy and motivation. I have to be disciplined, get up and go to bed early. It is very important to rest to have energy in training.

Q: How do you like playing as part of a team?
A: I love being on a team. I have many friends, and it is fun to train with them. Being part of a team is cool because you have the chance to meet people, learn teamwork and make lots of new friends. It is part of being a professional soccer player.

Q: How important do you think food is to your training routine?
A: It is very important to eat well and be balanced, otherwise you can feel bad during training. I usually eat pasta, meat, and vegetables. Also fruits, yogurts, and cereals.

About motivation

Q: How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal?
A: My favorite reward is eating delicious things with my friends and family.

Q: What do you like the most about Bon Yurt? What is your favorite flavor?
A: I like that Bon Yurt is always ready to eat. My favorite flavor is the Bon Yurt with cookie pieces because it’s sweet and delicious; I love it and always carry it in my backpack for school and training.

Q: What role does your mom play in your love for soccer?
A: My mom encourages me all the time. She calls me Tiger and wants me to fulfill all my dreams. Every day she gets me up in the morning, helps me prepare my gear, and helps me get dressed; She takes me to games and practices, buys my uniforms, feeds me with food to increase energy and motivation, and rewards me when I do something right.

Finally, his mother told us that part of the way she supports Santiago is by choosing great allies, including Bon Yurt. “There is nothing more practical than a Bon Yurt,” she says. “He loves it because it’s sweet and easy to eat, and I love it because it’s food to increase energy and motivation.


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