Bon YurtEat healthy food is one of the secrets to getting better at soccer

Eat healthy food is one of the secrets to getting better at soccer

These two brothers eat healthy food and train with discipline and passion. They are sure they will become big athletes and are committed to becoming a great team. Playing in a USA Soccer League is now part of their daily routine. 

Martín and Jacobo are brothers united by their love for soccer. At 11 and 8 years old, respectively, they have already matured enough to commit to the discipline required to be athletes. For them, being in a USA Soccer League is a dream come true. 

The love for soccer has moved their hearts

Today they understand that to be professional players, they must make an effort and give their best. “If there is no discipline in your dreams, they will remain as simple dreams,” is what their dad is constantly trying to teach them.

Q: What do you like most about soccer?

A/M: I like to play soccer because it is something in my heart that makes me feel happy and when I play it.It is a game in which I must give my best in order to continue advancing.

A/J: What I like the most is running and learning so I can be like the players I admire.

Q: What does the passion for soccer mean to you?

A/M: Imagine playing tournaments to win, practicing a lot, not stopping, not getting tired, saying “you can”. All of that defines my passion.

A/J: It’s the love for football, it’s training and everything I do to be better at my sport.

Q: How do you prepare to be a great soccer player? What is your training program?

A/M: I’m a defender. It’s a position where I have to try to take the ball away. I have to put that into practice in all my games. So, I become better at defense, making sweeps and serves (barridos y saques). That’s the training for being in a USA Soccer League.

A/J: I am a forward. First, I train one on one. We rehearse the passes and then we play a match.

Q: How do you like playing as part of a team?

A/M: For someone friendly and as a good player, I like all my teammates. I would say that there is no word “fight” in football vocabulary.

We encourage each other: “don’t give up!” and that’s how we win the games. In my opinion, this is the best team I’ve played on in all my years in the sport.

A/J: I love them so much. We never fight. I have a great time.  Everyone treats me very well.

Q: What role does your mom play in your love for soccer?

A/M: If we lose, my parents always support me, they help me with whatever I need. When I get sad my mom always encourages me. I know that by training more we can win the next tournament. 

That cheers me up a lot, makes my heart full of emotion and calms me down. Also, when I’m playing, my mom says “you can do it”.

A/J: They always tell me that I can do it. If I lose, they tell me that it doesn’t matter, that it’s only important for me to have given everything and to have made an effort.

Q: How important do you think food is to your training routine?

A/M: When you eat healthy food that gives energy, your body is capable and stronger. If you eat badly, your physical capacity will not be the best in football. Well, it’s not just for me, but for all athletes.

A/J: If you don’t eat healthy food that gives energy, when you run you will get tired and you won’t be able to play well. You can get sick.

Q: How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal?

A/M: Imagine that we score one goal, and go one to zero. Instead of celebrating I tell my team that it’s just one goal, and we have to try to do more so we can feel more confident. Then I celebrate. 

A/J: I celebrate like Cristiano Ronaldo; I always do his dance. 

Q: What do you like the most about Bon Yurt? What is your favorite flavor?

A/M: Believe me, I love it, it’s delicious and since it’s healthy food that gives energy, I eat it as a footballer. I love Bon Yurt and the one I enjoy the most is Cookies & Cream. 

A/J: I love Bon Yurt. My favorite is Cookies & Cream.

what the dad says

For Martín and Jacobo´s dad, Carlos, the answer to getting better at soccer is a combination of passion, discipline and eating nutritious food. “Even if they are not going to be professional players, following their dreams and feeling proud of themselves is important. A good athlete who eats poorly is pointless. He or she will not be able to perform on the team. As they grow, the effort will increase. Bon Yurt combines two very good things, dairy products and cereals, which are very important as kids grow.

Bon Yurt is good for breakfast and is perfect as a snack. We are talking about a healthy food that gives energy. My kids, wherever I take them, I always have Bon Yurt with me. They both love it,” says Carlos, adding, “My personal favorite is frosted flakes”


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