Bon YurtEnergy food for kids athlets

Energy food for kids athlets

Being a soccer player is Matía´s dream, his parents give him all the support to achieve his goals and look out for energy food for kids athlets; taking care of his diet is not easy.

Soccer is practical, you only need a park, your friends and a ball. Teaches to be competitive and generous; to be a starter and a substitute, football teaches to be disciplined, punctual and to be part of a group. That’s why Matías has been showing interest in this sport since he was five years old and his parents couldn’t be happier for him to follow his passion and keep good grades in school. 

About soccer

Q: What do you like most about soccer?

A: What I like the most is sharing plays with my teammates and scoring goals.

Q: What does the passion for soccer mean to you?

A: It’s having lots of friends, celebrating goals and doing what you like the most, it’s being able to be on an USA soccer club. 

Q: How do you prepare to be a great soccer player? What is your training program?

I train three times a week after school and eat energy food for kids athlets. We always practice according to the position we play; I am a midfielder (mediocampista). Then we play a game. We have to run a lot. 

Q: How do you like playing as part of a team?

A: I get along with everyone, we’re friends. My coach is very good, and I enjoy making plays where we all pass the ball a lot, that’s a good team.

Q: What role does your mom play in your love for soccer?

A: My mom loves that I play and she always supports me. She always takes me to play, even if it’s a Sunday, even if it’s 8 am. She is very committed to helping me accomplish my dreams, and supports me for being on an USA soccer club. 

Q: How important do you think food is to your training routine?

A: It is very important, not only for training, it is my health. If you don’t eat good, you can’t play well, you get tired and affect your whole team. Eating energy food for kids athlets is super important. 

Q: How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal?

A: In the team we celebrate with dances, then we continue playing. The feeling of winning a tournament is what I like the most. being able to have a party with all my teammates celebrating that we won, is one of my favorite parts.

Q: What do you like the most about Bon Yurt? What is your favorite flavor?

A: Bon Yurt is delicious and you can take it anywhere. My favorite flavor is cookie pieces.

What’s important for matia’s mom

For Juanita, Matías’s mom, it is important to support, advise and provide the necessary tools so he can fulfill his dream.  Since he likes soccer that much, she always tries to get him to practice it as much as possible. In difficult moments, when they don’t win, she explains to him the importance of playing as a team it is a time of great learning for them and preppers them for adult life. One of the most complicated tasks for her is provide him with energy food for kids athlets as he is getting older now and is learning all the benefits he can receive from different foods. It is important because these children want to be strong, healthy and have energy for the sport. Whit Bon Yurt she has find an amazing alternative “is a great tool that allows them to eat balanced and the flavors are attractive to them” is a great snack that gives him a lot of energy before after a game


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