Bon YurtHow big star becomes a big star

How big star becomes a big star

Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the process rather than only focusing on the results.

Have you ever experienced these secondary effects of watching or playing soccer?

  • Heart beating faster
  • Chest and stomach full of butterflies
  • Forgetting about anything, except the match

What is it about this sport that moves hundreds of people to have such a strong desire to become a professional player? While we don´t know precisely what is so magical about soccer. We can let some of the biggest stars of the game share their secrets to success.

During various interviews with high-profile media around the world, great legends like Cristiano Ronaldo have stated that “…soccer has always been my dream since I was very young.” Lionel Messi addressed this same point, saying “by playing soccer I have fun like a kid. When the day comes that I stop feeling this way, I won’t play anymore”.

With these two statements, we discover that the first step to becoming a pro soccer player is to play with love, passion, and have fun.

According to Alfredo Di Stéfano, Argentinian soccer player and coach, “There is no player as good as the team.” This takes us to the second step, which is never played as an individual. If you approach each training knowing that the team is your family, game day strategies will work and you will be able to accomplish the goals of the team.

Another point constantly highlighted by superstars like Messi, is that “talent and elegance mean nothing without rigor and precision.”

This short comment takes us to the third step: Being disciplined, responsible, and dedicated is even more important than being talented. You can learn, improve and strengthen your weak points by practicing, which makes discipline the base of success.

In the journey to becoming the best, you must have fun. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the process rather than only focusing on the results. That magic feeling soccer produces on fans and players is still a mystery, but it is a fact that passion moves every soccer lover to give everything for this way of life.


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