Bon YurtSnacks for the jock at home

Snacks for the jock at home

We’ll tell you what a snack is and will give you ideas of fun and healthy food you can give your children while they’re away from home.

Children’s growth depends on different factors: Their physical activity, rest routines, good hydration throughout the day, spaces for fun and games, and a balanced diet. Therefore, learning about their needs and what they like will allow you to understand what food and snacks to give them, so they’ll have the energy they require.

We’ll tell you what a snack is and will give you ideas of fun and healthy food you can give your children while they’re away from home.

What’s a Healthy Snack?

Snacks are food that give kids energy at the right time of the day. To use them adequately you should learn what they contain, so you can create a healthy routine. It’s also important to give our children options they’ll enjoy, so they’ll eat and continue with their activities.

Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

Healthy snacks are a part of your kids’ nutrition routine and complement their daily diet. These foods are an immediate energy boost that will provide them with strength and will help them focus on their activities. However, during breakfast, lunch, and dinner it’s also necessary for them to have the required nutrients for their development.

Healthy Snack Ideas

You can think of alternatives that will work very well at recharging your kids’ energy during those times where you can’t control what they eat. Think of these snacks as something practical and easy to carry so they can consume them without complications.

Some ideas:

  • Dried fruit: A Good combination of cashews, pistachios, walnuts and/or almonds doesn’t require preparation. Preferably, don’t add salt, this way they’re as nutritious as possible.
  • Small veggie pieces: Choose veggies you have at home that don’t require being cooked and that your kids like. Just wash them very well, chop them, and that’s it! For example, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, and cucumber. You can add a little olive oil for a better taste.
  • Chopped fruit: You can make an express fruit salad with whatever fruit you’ve got at home. Don’t forget to wash them! If you get the chance, you could grate some mozzarella on top… Yummy!
  • Cheese: Whether you have block cheese or sliced, just a few cubes or rolled-up slices are delicious and simple for a midday snack or a bite before lunch.

These are just some ideas for you to complement your kids’ nutrition during the day. Practical and simple options that will provide them with the essential, required nutrients. Plus, they’re also delicious and we know your kids will enjoy them a lot during their resting moments.

Bon Yurt is the perfect complement for every moment of the day. You can match this delicious food to other snacks. Bon Yurt will give them energy to focus and will strengthen their mood during sports and school activities. It will contribute proteins for stronger muscles, calcium to enhance their bones’ development, and carbohydrates to recharge them so they can keep succeeding.


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