Bon YurtSome advice for the home champion’s adequate nutrition

Some advice for the home champion’s adequate nutrition

We’ll tell you what a good diet is for the home champion, how to build this routine, and we’ll also give you some advice to make the whole process simpler.

Finding a balanced diet for kids can take some time and it’s sometimes necessary to consult a specialist who’ll guide you in the process of creating an apt routine for them. Understanding your children’s age and personality is important to comprehend what food they’ll like, which they’ll consume in its totality.

We’ll tell you what a good diet is for the home champion, how to build this routine, and we’ll also give you some advice to make the whole process simpler.

What Does a Balanced Diet for Children Mean?

A balanced diet is one of those habits a child should always have. As a matter of fact, choosing variety and nutrition is also a good habit for their future. This concept is about the consumption of food in relation to the nutrients the body requires.

Children’s food and nutrition principles are very similar to those of adults. What’s most important and the main goal is to always provide the nutrients and vitamins present in each one of the existing food groups. Just like the United States Department of Agriculture suggests, the pyramid’s 5 levels are fruits, veggies, cereals, proteins, and dairy.

Include Bon Yurt in your Kids’ Diet

An optimal, varied, and nutritious food routine allows your children to perform better at school and sports, which is why it’s necessary for them to consume food that will recharge their energy while you’re not around. This is the case of Bon Yurt, a snack that’s perfect in between large meals.

Bon Yurt is made with dairy yogurt and cereal. It has 3 delicious toppings designed for children: Froasted Flakes (sugar flakes that will turn into an explosion of flavor when combined with the yogurt), Crunchy Cocoa Rice Cereal (delicious chocolate, perfect for their breaks), and Cookie Pieces (a bit of fun in a yogurt cup with pieces of cookies that will surely be your kids’ favorite).

Some Advice for your Kids’ Diet

These are some tips for you to provide your children with a balanced and healthy, daily diet:

  • Establish a clear meal schedule. This will add discipline to your kids’ routine plus it’ll teach them good habits.
  • Mealtimes should be exclusively for eating. Stop your kids from eating in a rush and avoid distractions. Meals should be about family time, to communicate, and talk about the day.
  • Create fun and striking dishes… just follow your imagination! When serving their food, create colorful figures, which will call their attention and they’ll eat with pleasure.
  • Accompany their food with good hydration and try for them to always carry a water bottle. They’ll love a striking thermos with their favorite animated characters!

Remember, many of your kids’ mind and body processes depend on this. Champions require as much energy and strength as possible to reach their dreams, and with the company of Bon Yurt, you can be a part of this process.


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